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What’s up everyone? Have you been checking in on our most recent pieces about several exciting news happening in Vietnam? If not then now is a great time to do it.

April has come and gone real fast and we hope you had a restful and enjoyable break to charge yourself up for May. April has been a memorable month full of activities for SE Vietnam. Among our usual business activities of providing our students life-changing experiences in Vietnam, we saw ourselves grow up through the three years anniversary, we also saw our current student intern – Maile – grow up through her Public Internship in Vietnam and we are excited to share with you all those things. Let’s see what exciting activities SE Vietnam has been carrying out the last month and what we will be up to this May.


2017/04/18 In March, we launched the 2017 Summer Promotion Campaign that offers FREE Internship Placement value $500 to provide international students a great opportunity to secure their dream internship in Vietnam without having a big cost burden. Why? Because we believe that budget should not limit your access to a unique, affordable and professional experience of interning and experiencingat several destinations in Vietnam. Since launching, the campaign has received widespread attention from students all over the world especially the U.S., Japan, the U.K, Indonesia, Australia and so on. It has gained outspread success reaching over 2500 people on social media and through our website. This is great news for SE Vietnam in particular and for international education/exchange to Vietnam in general since there are now more and more students from all over the world looking into a promising career starter and cultural experiences in Vietnam.  Through a process of short-listing prospective candidates we have finally come up with 7 finalists that are qualified for the free $500 Internship Placement Fee with SE Vietnam.  And so far, among the 7 lucky winners, Jonathan Josephs Spaulding from Johns Hopkins University (U.S.A) has confirmed to be taking an awesome internship in Vietnam this summer with SE Vietnam. How exciting!

Internship in Vietnam


2017/04/28 April is a very special month for us because on this month we celebrate our 3 Years Anniversary, 3 years of life changing experiences and international friendships. Student Exchange Vietnam started with our director – Mo’s vision to promote Vietnam as a destination for study abroad and internship. Mo had experience in an international NGO before joining a private university in 2010, where she became the Director of International Cooperation before creating SE Vietnam. The dream to build SE Vietnam started when her desire for going abroad for international exposure was cut short because, like most other Vietnamese students at the time, she couldn’t afford it. The entrepreneurial spirit in Mo told her something needed to be done, both to create a more international environment inside Vietnam and to bring more opportunities for Vietnamese students to go overseas, that was when SE Vietnam was born. From the first year, SE Vietnam has changed and transformed a lot in terms of growth and human power. 

Here is a Look Back to our last three years yourney and Look Forward to amazing projects we have in store for the near future. 

SE Vietnam 3 years

2017/04/05 SE Vietnam welcomes 15 enthusiastic local buddies for a training session to prepare for our exciting summer programs welcoming Canadian Internship Group – IGL and individual interns in the upcoming weeks. SE Vietnam Program Coordinator went through a complete guide to our fresh local buddies on different issues regarding making the experience of study abroad/internship in Vietnam a safe and awesome journey for both internationals and Vietnamese local buddies. Everyone was well motivated and pumped up to get everything started for a summer of a lifetime. 

internship in Vietnam

2017/04 We are proud of being a social enterprise that provide reliable, safe and affordable study abroad programs and internship in Vietnam for international students and during our journey of growing, what makes us even more motivated and inspired to keep fulfilling our missions is to witness the growth of our students also. In March, Maile Moore, came from Oregon, U.S.A for Public Health internship in Vietnam and during April, we were able to witness a very significant transformation from Maile both in her professional and personal growth. And as Maile boils it down in her own words:

I have grown with the last five weeks in reflection and not in the day to day like I had been – I am proud of myself. I like to believe I am a mostly responsible young adult, but since coming here I have grown quite a bit. I am more confident in myself, I am loving expanding my cooking skills (the spring roll incident included), I am learning to navigate confusion and frustration at work, I am learning how to budget my money, so I don’t spend the weeks budget on milk tea and milk buns, I am navigating how to communicate when I cannot directly express what I mean to say, I am learning how to balance missing my family and experiencing everything here. So, in conclusion – I do feel brave. This internship has been amazing and making grow as a person in a crash course, and it may not seem that big sometimes. But it’s helping foster what was there to begin with. 


Click here to read more of Maile’s inspiring story of how she navigate life in a strange country while keeping up with her internship responsibilities, You will be surprised by how much she was able to accomplish in such a short time.


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