Bubble tea and Karaoke: Ways to Socialize in Vietnam

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How do college students in your country socialize? In many Western cultures, college students often socialize at bars, or parties. There are also different ways people can join a particular social circle in college like joining a club or a sorority/fraternity. The socializing part will then follow with a night out at a bar or home parties. You can easily find bars at major cities in Vietnam, however, college students do not necessarily socialize in those circumstances, plus there are no existence of social groups like fraternities or sorority although there are certain clubs people can join in and out of college. So, what if you want to find a way to make more friends and get to get to know some local students while doing an internship in Vietnam? Keep reading, here are 5 ways to socialize in Vietnam.

1.Going for a Bubble tea

internship in Vietnam bubble 2

Bubble tea is a delicious, quick and easy drink for young people in Vietnam nowadays. The hot weather always pushes you for something cool and refreshing to have alongside small talks with friends and bubble tea is always the best option. Young people, especially teenagers, love to have their social activities like meeting friends, making new friends or dates at a bubble tea place.

There are a variety of Bubble tea brands for you to choose from once you and your friends decided on a bubble tea date. However, some of the most popular and tasty brands include Bobapop, Gong Cha, R&B and Koi (in the South) and Feeling Tea and Ding Tea (in the North). Most of the time, people would order snacks on the side like Vietnamese sausages, cheese sticks, melon seeds, peanuts, beef jerky and so on. If bubble tea is not your thing, many students are still up to take you to a variety of cool café available almost everywhere within the country. You can check out this list of perfect white color themed coffee shops in Ho Chi Minh City for future reference.

2. Having an Outside Barbeque

internship in Vietnam bbq

Photo source: diadiemanuong.com

What! You mean like a barbeque, the one we usually do with our families on the weekend? Yes, but in a much more informal and no less fun way. College students in Vietnam are always on a budget and spending less money on eating out at expensive places means a lot to them. Therefore, they will always find ways to have fun and socialize while eating affordably. On the weekend, groups of friends may find a picnic place at a park or a non-crowded area in or out the city to set up picnic cloth and cooking utensils like charcoal grills and organize a barbecue feast to enjoy. There are several popular places for students to plan their social barbeque, for example in Ho Chi Minh City there is the Saigon riverside area or Van Thanh Park while in the suburbs of Hanoi there is Ba Vi national park or Ecopark right outside the city. However, the best way to know where the nearest place to picnic is to ask the local friends you have in the area, they will know it best.

3. Going Shopping

internship in Vietnam shopping

Source: alehap.vn

If you are a female, it is very easy to bond with another female local by going shopping with them. It is fairly inexpensive to do shopping in Vietnam and you can find a lot of affordable, cool products here so it is worth giving it a try. Shopping is very popular among young a Vietnamese female adults (who doesn’t love shopping?!), shopping centers and weekend markets are springing up on every corner. You can find something for every budget – from cheap clothing vendors where you can haggle for the best bargains to department stores that feature international luxury brands (want to learn tips on how to bargain? Check this out). If you don’t have a budget for shopping during your internship in Vietnam, there is no harm in doing window shopping, you will get to witness the art of bargaining in real life and you will get to see many amazing local products that the country has to offer. What is a better way to get to know local friends and experience Vietnamese lifestyle than this?

4. Singing Karaoke internship in Vietnam

Singing Karaoke is one of the most popular weekend or meet-up activities among all generations of Vietnam. Middle-age Vietnamese love to indulge in an emotional ballad while younger people like to shout on the top of their lungs with a pop dance/rock song to shake up the atmosphere. Even when not a lot of actual talking can be done in these situations, there is something about being in a poorly lit and loud karaoke room together because people often bond very well when they dance together and jam along a totally lit song. Doing karaoke with locals is also a very good way to get used to the popular culture and Vietnam’s modern music scene. Many students doing an internship in Vietnam with us confessed that they only find out about Vietnam’s most popular artists during a karaoke trip with the locals and started to be a big fan of the singer since then.


Son Tung Mtp is one of the most famous Vietnam’s pop singer. It is no surprise you’ll find many of his songs sung during a karaoke session with friends during your internship in Vietnam.



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