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The weekend is finally here. Are you excited to embark on another fun adventure in Vietnam? We know we always bombard you with Vietnamese food images but we feel like it is never enough to get you introduced to even more dishes of Vietnam’s diverse and complex gastronomy. So here we are again. This week, we thought it would be fun to collect pictures of Vietnamese food from all over the world to see what dishes are the most loved internationally. And where else can we find these pictures more easily than Instagram? So we looked and here are the list of some of the best pictures of Vietnamese food that we picked out for you to enjoy!

Goi Cuon

Let’s start the feast light with a delicious and fresh tasting appetizer, goi cuon (summer rolls). Summer Rolls are the non-fry version of spring rolls, they are wrapped in a translucent rice-flour skin, the filling normally includes cooked, chilled shrimp, julienned daikon and carrot, raw cabbage and herbs. They are often dipped in fish sauce or peanut sauce with chilly and garlic. 

summer rolls imternship in vietnam

Photo from Instagram laughalatte 

Banh beo Hue

Banh beo is a type of small steamed rice cake or rice pancake in Vietnamese cuisine. It has a white color from the rice and is filled with savory ingredients including chopped fresh shrimp, scallions, mung bean paste, crispy fried shallots, fish sauce, rice vinegar, and oil. It is considered most typical of the cuisine of Huế, the ancient royal capital located in the center of Vietnam.

Banh beo internship in Vietnam

Photo from Instagram ty_sone_

Ngheu hap sa

Ngheu hap sa is the Vietnamese words for clam steamed with lemongrass. This dish is very suitable for a rainy cold evening out with friends as lemongrass is known for its ability to warm your body and gives the clam flavors and a nice aroma.

internship in Vietnam clam

Photo from Instagram e.v.a.t.e.a

Bun Bo 

If ngheu hap sa is not enough to warm your body up then this dish will. This delicious looking soup noodle is a variation of the famous beef noodle from central Vietnam. The central cuisine is known for their heat and spicy touch. Food from the central will surely makes you sweat eating but will certainly leave you hungry and crave for more. Bun Bo (Beef Noodles) is a type of soup with a larger than usually rice noodle and a broth made from beef bones and different spices. The meat eaten in this soup is often beef shank, tendon, and beef balls. Sometimes people also add shrimp to the soup to enhance the flavor.

internship in vietnam 1

Photo from Instagram khmerfoodie_mb

Vit Nau Thom (Braised Duck with Pineapple)

Coming to Vietnam means you get the chance to enjoy all those deviously fresh tropical fruits without thinking twice about the price. This time, how about incorporating one of those fruits into your main course dish? The acid from pineapple will soften the duck and give the meat texture so tender that you can use the fork to seperate the meat from the bone.

internship in Vietnam vit nau khom

Photo from Instagram anngon_macdep27 

Banh Bo Cot Dua internship in Vietnam

It’s time for desserts!!! Aaaand we have… coconut rice cakes! This amazing looking cake is a warm gluten free and dairy free variety of rice cake that is enhanced with colors from natural ingredients like pandan leaves, taro and green beans. The cake is then steamed and eaten with a sweet sauce from condensed coconut milk and roasted sesame seeds sprinkled on top.

internship in vietnam 2 Photo from Instagram Vietnamese_food internship in Vietnam


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